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Is Vitamin C Dosing a Miracle?

lypospheric vitamin creport in the Australian International Business Times this week says a New Zealand man miraculously recovered from a coma and is cancer free after taking 6 grams per day of liposomal vitamin C.

This type of vitamin C is encapsulated in a phospholipid. The phospholipid (which is a cellular bubble of sorts) cages up a specific nutrient and molecularize the nutrient making it easy for the vitamin to “slip through” the body’s cellular membranes. These liposomes are impervious to digestive juices and protect the nutrient as it moves through the digestive tract. This serves two purposes – to give the maximum dosage of the nutrient and to protect the lower gastrointestinal tract from upset.

Alan Smith, the man diagnosed with white-out pneumonia and complications of leukemia, was on life support and doctors wanted to “pull the plug,” the report said. However, his family wanted to try something experimental and won a legal battle to get the hospital to give him IV vitamin C.

As Smith improved, the physicians took him off of the intravenous ascorbic acid. His dosage was 50 grams per day before they made this move. As his condition deteriorated, the family secured a “legal intervention” and the hospital began the vitamin C therapy again, but they only gave him 2 grams per day.

The next phase of this saga is where the “miracle” drug comes into play. Six grams of Lypo Spheric vitamin C per day is the therapy credited with ending Smith’s coma. The reason is that research supported by Dr. Thomas Levy (a cardiologist and orthomolecular specialist who has treated thousands of patients with vitamin C dosing) shows that the liposomal form of this essential antioxidant delivers 90 percent of the nutrient to the bodily cells. According to the IBT report, only about 20 percent of the nutrient permeates the cells in IV-delivered C.

The Lypo Spheric form of vitamin C is also considered much less expensive than intravenous ascorbic acid. The miracle here is that Smith was said to be free from cancer at his last checkup.

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