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Could Vitamin C Help You Breathe Better?

vitamin c reduces pollution related breathing problemsWe’ve covered the benefits of vitamin C on this blog before as related to cold and flu and respiratory problems. But could vitamin C help you breath better? 

It appears so, at least according to one study conducted on 209 patients in London between 2008 and 2010. The researchers were looking at whether patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or asthma “were more likely to be hospitalized for issues related to air pollution if their bodies were low in vitamin C.”

The researchers checked the levels of individual antioxidant concentrations in blood plasma (uric acid and vitamin C, E and A) to see if their presence modified the effects of particulate matter (or air pollution) in these patients with breathing problems.

The results showed a 35% increase in asthma/COPD admissions for every 10μg/m3 of particulate matter present.

Serum vitamin C had the most promising effect on the asthma/COPD symptom severity, researchers reported.

Want to breathe easier all year? We recommend liposomal vitamin C for better breathing and cold/flu defense. Read more about how vitamin C can help you reduce the mouth breathing this cold and flu season.

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