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Pregnant? Vitamin C is Essential to Your Child’s Brain Development

pregnant vitamin cA recent vitamin C study shows some important info for expectant mothers. Vitamin C deficiencies during pregnancy can cause “irreparable” damage to the child’s brain.

The most startling piece of this study is that research shows the deficiency is irreversible after birth. In other words, a pregnant mother with a vitamin C deficiency cannot undo the damage by offering her child a vitamin C supplement after birth.

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Is Vitamin C as Good As D and Calcium at Preventing Osteoporosis?

vitamin c and bone healthThere’s exciting news today in the world of vitamin C. has a research report hot out of the lab with what Mount Sinai University School of Medicine researcher Dr. Mone Zaidi calls “profound public health implications.”

Zaidi and his team removed ovaries from groups of mice to reduce bone density. It’s apparently a known procedure to study bone brittleness.

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